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Well internets, here I am in Shanghai! It is humid and the air is thick, and yesterday Ms Mandysbitch found a line of grime around her neck from presumably the pollution. It is actually not too bad, pollution-wise!

hanging with haibao

My Australian-accented Beijing-style Mandarin is going just fine so far! Yesterday we caught a taxi back to our hotel, and whilst I was busy arguing with the taxi driver in Mandarin, she was watching our taxi drive down the middle of the road towards an oncoming bus. I didn't even notice! I had no idea what street we were on! But I did some shouting in Mandarin, so it's all good. Today I also had several conversations in Mandarin! GO TEAM STEPHANIE PENGUIN.

Today we went to the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre. You know who is an urban planning nerd? This penguin! So that was awesome. There was a giant model of the entire city in there. It takes up a whole floor!

I have discovered an awesome show, 'Love of Seven Fairy Maidens.' I am completely obsessed with their ridiculous costumes and hair pieces and acting, and I hope to find a copy of it to take home. Or to dl.

I can't access blogger, which is incredibly frustrating. I set up a whole bunch of posts to post to my vegan blog whilst I'm away, but now I can't log in to moderate comments! So people are going to think I'm ignoring them or censoring them! I'M NOT I PROMISE.

More later I guess! I am occasionally uploading photos at my flickr, so you can check there for things! No twitter or fb for me, alas, so no updates there for a while.
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You rock! Yay for Mandarin! *snugs*