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books going wandering (part one)

i'm getting rid of some books! all books are free to a good home. or a bad home, though vegan goodies are always gratefully accepted in exchange. if you're in melbourne we can arrange book drop, if you're in australia but not in melbourne you can pay for postage.

a pile of books (part one)
in no particular order but the order on my floor
there are other books but they're in the car

martin booth, the dragon syndicates ("the global phenomenon of the triads")
keri smith, how to be an explorer of the world
robert sprin + lynn abbey, catwoman
jan pienkowski, snow white
sean williams, the changeling
holly black, white cat
octavia butler, wild seed
hsu ming teo, love and vertigo
the further adventures of batman
charlaine harris, dead until dark
daniel fox, dragon in chains
a ten volume graphic novel collection of romance of the three kingdoms
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I'll take the Catwoman, the Batman and the Octavia Butler! And have you over for dinner!
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[personal profile] lizbee 2011-09-05 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
I'm up to one and a half!

Can I be greedy and nab the Romance of the Three Kingdoms as well? I've been meaning to read it in a form other than a wikipedia summary.
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[personal profile] nixwilliams 2011-09-05 06:05 am (UTC)(link)
oh, how i am tempted. BUT NO! though, if you still have the jan pienowski book when i visit it, can i look at it? (someone else can take it, though.)

[personal profile] nixwilliams 2011-09-05 06:51 am (UTC)(link)
super! i will email you and cc db so we can coordinate le diaries at this end.