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i will still be posting to dw/lj, but you can also find me specifically blogging about adventures in china at song of the travelling penguin. you should be able to syndicate it to your rss reader if you don't like reading tumblr.

i'm so nervous and my tummy is all butterflies. three hours until the plane.
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I'm going to Shanghai tomorrow! So that's very exciting. I am going to attempt to speak lots and lots of Mandarin whilst I'm away. Will I be able to understand Shanghainese? Will my Australian-accented Beijing-style Mandarin be comprehensible? I hope so!

After a week and a bit in Shanghai I'm going to stop in Hong Kong for a couple of days on the way home. It is at this point that my travelling companion the incomparable C will continue on to Perth, and I will remain behind all on my own, for the first time in my life! I'm incredibly nervous, I guess it's a good thing then that I speak Cantonese.

I'm thinking about going on this tour whilst I'm away, recommended by Ms Pieces of Alice, has anyone ever done it or have any thoughts or just want to share their two cents about things I should do in HK and 上海?

I've got Feed and Deadline for the plane (thanks Emilly and Emilly's sister) and now I guess I just have to finish packing and stuff.

My word I'm excited. EXCITED. I'm going to be so AZN for the next two weeks, you have no idea. EXCITED.

And it's going to be warm!
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Swancon is over! And I had a good time!

I wasn't sure I was going to go, until Emilly talked me in to it; now I am so glad I went. I had such a great weekend, met lots of new people and caught up with beloved friends. I networked/checked out stuff on both a work and a writery level, and had great adventures!

I spent a huge chunk of time just talking to people. I attended a record four (four!) panels on Friday (four is usually the amount of panels I attend over an entire con), and I was even on a panel at one point! and I purchased a lot of books (and some other things). But most of the time I was sitting in the bar/lounge, chatting with people. It was super awesome. (I do wish, though, that people would feel less entitled to ask certain types of questions; and take the hint when I don't want to talk to them)(interestingly, when I genuinely like the person but it's just an inconvenient time I can outright say 'I'm sorry but I can't talk to you right now, let's talk later' but when I just want to avoid the person I can't bring myself to be so blunt. hmm)

A list of books I purchased:
  • Nightsiders, Sue Isle
  • Love and Romanpunk, Tansy Rayner Roberts
  • Eona, Alison Goodman
  • Cold Magic, Kate Elliot
  • Sprawl, ed Alisa Krasnostein <--so excited!
  • and a super old-school illustrated copy of The Dream of the Red Chamber
Also many people complimented me on my hair, which was nice, and I debuted my new jacket which got lots of compliments, which was also nice, except it's also very Chinese so I'm worried it got compliments for the wrong reasons.

I became addicted to Twitter. Maybe there's an actual post in this, but I began regularly checking out the #swancon and #natcon tags on twitter, and I think it was Hespa who said it's such a different experience attending a con whilst using a smart phone. There's so much more to pay attention to! And now I keep checking the hashtag to see if there's anything left that anyone has posted.

A lot of the food I ate was in my room: Emilly and I had walked up to Fresh Provs and supplied ourselves with bread and this really delicious fruit spread and snacks and things, and I mostly ate sandwiches at lunch during the con. This proved a good advance preparation, as there was nothing but wedges and chips that I could eat at the hotel. Incidentally I really enjoyed staying in the con hotel, it's the first year that I did it and I really liked the flexibility it gave me in terms of attending things and veging and running up to my room for my tentacle pillow/my sketch book/to put my shoes on. The hotel itself was not great, there were mobility access issues and the hotel was woefully understaffed. And also single flush toilets everywhere!

Proper Care and Feeding of a Fraggle

Thursday: no actual Swancon things, though I did catch the train down to Murdoch and had dinner with Sheebapants (and gave her my con-bag copy of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms).

Friday: I made it to one session in the Edustream, 'What TV did to me', 'Imagining better presents from worse tomorrows: using SF in sustainability studies' and the panel for the SF Bookclub, wherein they talked about The Windup Girl, which as you all may or may not know I loathe a lot (more on that later). I also ended up on the panel 'Cylons, Bajorans and the 5th Column: Terrorism, Freedom Fighters and Resistance Movements in SF.' There were heaps more panels I had planned to make it to on Friday, but I'm pretty sure I got distracted by sitting around and chatting with people, which was nice anyway.

There was only one panel I wanted to attend on Saturday (Dolls of Desire: Man's unnatural selection of the perfect women' which apparently was really good), but instead of doing that I went on a hunt for a new french-cuffs shirt (success) in Perth's CBD op shops, and then I went ice skating with C. And then for once I actually attended the masquerade, AND I looked fierce, AND I went to a room party! But we don't talk about room parties.

On Sunday I attended one panel on purpose (Steampunk Style and Substance) (several blog posts to follow, I'm not kidding) and one I sort of fell in to (a vid panel), and had lunch with my parents (at Lotus) and trekked out to the wilds of the Armadale line to visit the ex-laws. And then spent a lot of time drinking cocktails and getting hugs in the lounge. Also I had the shakes. Combination not enough sleep/too much caffeine?

Monday I played a lot of blokus and drank some tea, and Vi came to visit so we played some more blokus and she beat me! I managed to miss every panel I'd planned to attend.

After the con finished, I finally made it to Utopia for crispy mushrooms and salty fried (vegan) chicken and for once in my life, I had no one to fight with for the final spicy hou tou mushroom cashews.

I spent Tuesday morning hanging with Emilly at the hotel before my mum came and picked us up and dropped her off at the airport. I progressed up to the parental house, where I started going through boxes of my things, as my parents had requested of me. I have found a massive pile of stuff that I think I could sell at the Swancon auction, and I wish I had realised this earlier. Now my parents are going to have to put up with this stuff for one week less than another twelve months.

A sampling of wares I found in my parents' house:
  • a Star Wars Darth Vader Tie Fighter model kit
  • a Dick Smith Electronic Kit
  • a Buffy figurine with crossbow and bible (in package) (I would sell this for way less than this year's $15 average)
  • hilarious kiddies battery operated 'Old Smokey' train set(AMAZING)

ANYWAY SWANCON: GOOD TIMES. Panel summaries / rants / word rambles tomorrow.


ETA: swancon #2: steampunk style and substance (a panel)
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I have such a fondness for this series of advertisements that aired when I was a kid in the late eighties.

Vitamin D is my favourite.


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