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2011-09-07 04:39 pm
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books going wandering (part two)

again, free to a good home.

serge lukyanenko - the night watch, the day watch, the twilight watch, the last watch
ekaterina sedia, the secret history of moscow
stephen hunt, the court of the air, the kingdom beyond the waves, the rise of the iron moon, secrets of the fire sea
nick earls, zigzag street, perfect skin
chimamanda ngozi adichie, half of a yellow sun
ryan bishop + lillian s robinson, night market: sexual cultures and the thai economic miracle
harry potter and the philosopher's stone in mandarin
a collection of mao ze dong's poems
sara douglass, all of the axis books
that star wars bounty hunter's short story antho from 20 years ago, you know the one i mean
cecilia dart thornton - the bitterbynde trilogy
matthew jarpe, radio freefall
awang goneng, growing up in trengannu
what looks like all of the mallorean, belgariad, elenium and tamuli
a whole lot of terry goodkind

dictionaries: 2 malay, 1 german, 1 japanese
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2011-09-05 03:50 pm
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books going wandering (part one)

i'm getting rid of some books! all books are free to a good home. or a bad home, though vegan goodies are always gratefully accepted in exchange. if you're in melbourne we can arrange book drop, if you're in australia but not in melbourne you can pay for postage.

a pile of books (part one)
in no particular order but the order on my floor
there are other books but they're in the car

martin booth, the dragon syndicates ("the global phenomenon of the triads")
keri smith, how to be an explorer of the world
robert sprin + lynn abbey, catwoman
jan pienkowski, snow white
sean williams, the changeling
holly black, white cat
octavia butler, wild seed
hsu ming teo, love and vertigo
the further adventures of batman
charlaine harris, dead until dark
daniel fox, dragon in chains
a ten volume graphic novel collection of romance of the three kingdoms
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2011-05-04 08:06 pm
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swancon #3: the windup girl, paolo bacigalupi (book review + panel notes)

I wasn't sure I was going to post this review, because this was not a good book. But world, you deserve to know exactly what I thought about this book.

also mild spoilers (but I will keep it to a minimum, and they will mostly be general, and also you won't read this book so that's okay)

I had no plans to read The Windup Girl. I am not even going to pretend towards any sense of bipartisanship or willingness to go in to it with an open mind. From the outset, I was confident that I would be really annoyed by The Windup Girl, and I only read it because I found out it was the Swancon Bookclub book and was so astounded that I needed to make sure I was correct.

Wow was I correct!

Usually when I read a book, I take notes so I can remember things later, so nobody can take offense at my reading and tell me I'm wrong. I had so many issues with this book I didn't even need to take notes, I can open it to any page and point to a problem I have with it. Okay, any double page.

more details! )