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2013-07-21 11:15 am
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no award: blogging for australians

If you're keeping count, I have something like 12 blogs. Here is number 13, but as a shared blog it's totally going to be AMAZING, am I right?

No Award, a blog where Liz and I look at social justice and media from our personal POVs, that is, being Australians of varied backgrounds. In the six days since we launched, Liz has written an overview of the issues with Pacific Rim and a book review of the classic Melbournian SF dystopic novel The Sea and the Summer; and I have written economic and historical treatises on the logistics of Australia and China in the Pacific Rim universe and how their Jaegar programs would be structured.

There are so many great blogs in the world, but a lot of them (most of them) are very US-centric. This blog is our attempt to create a media/fandom blog that's focussed on not USA things. I am having a lot of fun with it!
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2012-12-31 10:57 pm

a penguin went to china and all i got was this lousy mixtape

a penguin went to china

a penguin went to china

This year a Penguin went to China, and came home and made this mixtape. My love and music to you all.

a penguin went to china and then wrote a lot of words about it )