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2012-12-31 10:58 pm

open your sleepy eyes



In 2012 I lived in Beijing and Melbourne. I turned 30 in Beijing, and I was super sad about it until I remembered I TURNED 30 IN BEIJING. My first ever summer birthday! I visited Xi'An and saw the Terracotta Warriors, flew first class and rode an overnight train.

steph the tour leader

I also visited Qufu (where Confucius was from), Ji'nan, and Chengde. And Perth. And Geraldton and Cervantes.

I blogged my year at Song of the Travelling Penguin - a post a day; and I took copious pictures and put them in albums on my flickr.

Beijing made me super sick. I was deficient in B12 and vitamin D, and my doctor also made me take flaxseed supplements. After I visited Melbourne in February, I also had to take an asthma puffer back to Beijing with me, and I suffered from hayfever for the first time ever.

My depression was ups and downs in an impressive fashion, and after I returned to Australia my doctor and I agreed that anti-depressants were a thing I should try. I'm still trying them.

I got a new therapist, and I broke up with them.

My hair has been red almost all year, and one time it was dyed in China by my hilarious hairdresser who didn't speak any English and thought I was adorable.

I learnt how to play Xiangqi, and some weird Uno version played by doctors of my acquaintance. I learnt how to do Chinese watercolour painting, which I love a lot.

I got broken up with and it hurt and was sad, but to be honest it was mostly a mutual breaking up. I am having fun being single and rolling around in my large bed by myself with my stuffed toys.

I dunno what 2013 will bring. I've been home for a few months now and still don't have a job, though I thought I'd have one by Christmas. I returned to archery and swing dancing, and after months of cycling around Beijing I now cycle around Melbourne, too. This Christmas saw my return to the water, and it was so wonderful, I love it so very much, and I hope to return to lap swimming this week.

I got a bass guitar for Christmas, and Danni and I are gonna start a band. A JAZZ-SWING BAND. Yeah, cause we're cool.

2013 will also feature me running a con. Which will be exciting/nervewracking/omg.

Mixtape for 2012: a penguin went to china

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2012-12-31 10:57 pm

a penguin went to china and all i got was this lousy mixtape

a penguin went to china

a penguin went to china

This year a Penguin went to China, and came home and made this mixtape. My love and music to you all.

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